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The JEWEL TEAM is dedicated to bringing empowering solutions to those who desire change.  We are not financially affiliated with ANY manufacturers or vendors and we practice the highest ethical standards in working with vendors to select only the products and services that meet YOUR needs.
Our goal is to develop long-term partnerships with our clients.  We fit the client with the appropriate resources rather than fitting one product or service to the client.  As an indication of our commitment, the majority of our current business is generated from personal referrals and repeat business from existing clients.  Please review the information below and see what you want the next step to be for your business needs.

RFP and Project Management Services

Many businesses face frustrations with their telecom equipment. This leads to managers and IT professionals pulling their hair out trying to conduct everyday business while leading the company to assess what changes must be made to existing equipment or making a smart purchasing decision for new equipment. No more worries, let the Jewel Team help you.

As part of your team we will:

  Research your business needs
  Build technical criteria required to maximize your business function
  Search for suppliers that match 
  Draft a specifications document (Request for Proposal) for all vendors to follow
  Draft an Evaluation Report highlighting key differences in the proposals
  Assist you in making an informed purchasing decision
  Project manage the installation of your system.

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Being vendor independent allows us to come into your business, decipher what your needs are (your blueprint) and generate a specification document around those needs (the Request for Proposal).  This process serves as a benchmark for all decisions made in your telecommunications project.  We back up our personal desire for independence by holding membership in the SCTC organization to which we are accountable.

If you have read my profile you know that I sold equipment for many years prior to beginning my consulting career.  I regularly saw clients make purchasing decisions on price alone. The danger with this is the price is not always the best determining factor of a successful system implementation.  There are other factors that must be taken into consideration and those are not often understood by the end-user until AFTER the new system is in place.  That is not the time to assess if the functionality of the system is going to fit the business model and goals.

Not only do we assist clients in making educated decisions we manage the installation to ensure that what was anticipated and promised during the proposal phase is truly what is installed at the end of the day.  Rest easy knowing that the experts of the Jewel Team will do their best to ensure from start to finish your system meets your expectations.


Telecom Bill Audit Services

Telecom Bill OptimizationBy using our telecom analyst to conduct a thorough review of your telecommunications spending you engage someone who brings expertise and knowledge together with vendor independence.  A powerful combination that can save your organization money that can be applied in other ways.

In a recent independent study it showed a large number of customers using the wrong plans in both local and long distance services. Though there were a large number of people who had actually examined their bills, the interviews clearly outlined that most people can’t analyze their own bills effectively, and are therefore paying too much – which is the usual outcome.  

The Gartner Group reported that annual telecommunications costs can be reduced between 10-45%.What could that do to your bottom line?

Remember that our president is a member of the STC (Society of Telecommunication Consultants) which means our decisions are based upon what is best for YOUR organization alone.  Our audit is similar to peeling an onion.  We go down through the layers to find all of the waste to maximize your savings and future telecom spending plan. 

  Review how local lines are used in your business

  Consolidate line uses provided it does not hinder business functions

  Identify the best rate plans with current or new carriers for local, long distance, and cell phone providers (please note sometimes it is not smart to change carriers just to save money)

  Identify falsely applied taxes or other charges and rectify with appropriate credits for clients 

  Ensure consistency of charges – checking that the charged rate matches contract promises

Our average on-going annual savings for clients is 35%.  If this savings could benefit your company give us a call today for a consultation.

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"Jewel Technology staff has the knowledge necessary to prepare bid
documents.Properly prepared documents deliver the most cost effective
Keith Barth MEP"

"Jewel Technology professionally and
independently addressed the needs of the District.I can unreservedly
recommend Jewel Technology for similar telecommunications projects."
Bonnie Noble - Peoria Park District


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