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Attitude IS Everything

I don't mean to beat a dead horse as the saying goes.  But onto the Packers Monday night football game!  So they say that attitude determines the leader.  While I didn't see the end of the game I did watch the first half and most of what I thought about as I watched was the leadership skills I was witnessing in Aaron Rodgers.  Aaron Rodgers got sacked more times in that half than I have ever seen any quarter back get sacked.  However, I began thinking about the difference of his attitude and Jay Cutler’s attitude I saw just a few weeks prior in the Bears game.  The same problems, he was landing on the grass repeatedly.  However, on the way up and the way off the field the attitudes were vastly different.

Aaron Rodgers was shaking his head but it was not at a particular player.  He was not pointing and shouting at his players.  He was just in awe of what was going on.

Jay Cutler repeatedly scowling, getting up off the ground to go confront another player.  On the side lines seen yelling at a receiver that apparently didn’t do what he expected him too.

I had to ask myself of the two leaders – which would I rather follow?

What kind of leader do I want to be? As leaders of teams both on and off the field we must remember that our attitude drives the rest of the team.  Do we want a bunch of angry stressed out team members or smiling team members who know no matter what is thrown at them there is a solution to be worked out as a group?

I know what team I want to be part of - smile on, keep confident and focus on solutions!

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