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Clouds Aren't Just for Rain?

A cloud is a large mass in the sky that dumps down rain, snow and other such precipitation when it becomes full right?  Maybe in the past but a cloud is so much more now.  With more people being exposed to cloud computing the message had to be shared outside of technical reports.  If you have an I-anything (phone, pod, pad…) you can store your pictures in the “cloud.”  Companies are looking to use the “cloud” more than ever before to offload storage in their own facility for documents, etc. 


So imagine my surprise sitting in a doctor’s office glancing around and found Good Housekeeping January 2012 issue with an article titles “What is Cloud Computing?”  Key elements from this article laid out in a very laymen point of view – which I love.

  1.  Files aren’t literally beamed into the sky.  It is strictly the saving of photos, documents, music on a web-enabled server that you can then access from any location through internet access.
  2. There are reputable and non-reputable companies.  A good secure service will use passwords, SSL encryption for file transfers and encrypted file storage.  Google is a big and growing cloud host right now.  I Cloud and Amazon are also big in the consumer market.
  3. The “cloud” is not used just for backup of files but also file sharing. Allowing consumers to share pictures with remote family and friends easily.  Businesses can post corporate documents and have them shared across the internet with remote access employees.  This is especially helpful for small businesses who do not have a lot of money to put into infrastructure and private VPNs.

So the next time it rains look in the sky and remember what a “cloud” used to represent.


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