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Make a better connection for your business

We bring unbiased, independent advice to your purchasing decisions thus making your dollars go farther, become your advocate with all of your communications vendors and bring your projects to completion on target.

We’ve got you covered

 If you are a business owner or manager that needs assistance with:
Financing your next project
Navigating at home workers
Replacing an existing infrastructure
Lowering your annual telecommunications expenses
We are the Jewel Team because working side by side with you and your team we make you shine within
your organization. We assist you in making right decisions, implementing technology that fits your
organization and lowering your monthly expenses allowing you to do more with the income your
business generates.


Who We Are

Jewel Team is made up of independent consultants who become part of your telecom/IT team. We work on your behalf to ensure that vendors submitting proposals for your technology needs have a clear and concise description of your needs. We help remove confusion in multiple proposals ensuring everyone is submitting pricing from the same information. By working with our team we become your advocate. You continue to function in your day to day operation while we do the heavy lifting in getting your projects installed on time and on target. Further, we help you identify and remove un-needed expenses in your monthly telecom expenditure allowing you to use that money for other purposes in your organization.



RFP and Project Management Services

Many businesses face frustrations with their telecom equipment. This leads to managers and IT professionals pulling their hair out trying to conduct everyday business while leading the company to assess what changes must be made to existing equipment or making a smart purchasing decision for new equipment. No more worries, let the Jewel Team help you.

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Telecom Bill Audit Services

By using our telecom analyst to conduct a thorough review of your telecommunications spending you engage someone who brings expertise and knowledge together with vendor independence.  A powerful combination that can save your organization money that can be applied in other ways.

In a recent independent study it showed a large number of customers using the wrong plans in both local and long distance services



Bank with 13 locations throughout Central/Southern Illinois:

Conducted a cost audit which resulted in 54% on-going savings and credits of $40,000+ as a result of corrected billing errors, elimination of waste and renegotiated contracts.  "Thanks to the Jewel Team we were able to obtain tens of thousands of dollars of credits by identifying circuits that were billing in error, lower our on-going monthly billing and aligned us with service team that has live answer customer service and quick response to questions/orders - which is a huge plus for us. WOW, they are good!"


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