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RFP and Project Management Services

RFP and Project Management Services

Many businesses face frustrations with their telecom equipment. This leads to managers and IT professionals pulling their hair out trying to conduct everyday business while leading the company to assess what changes must be made to existing equipment or making a smart purchasing decision for new equipment. No more worries, let the Jewel Team help you.


As part of your team we will


Research your business needs

Project manage the installation of your system.

Build technical criteria required to maximize your business function

Search for suppliers that match

Draft a specifications document (Request for Proposal or Request for Information) for all vendors to

Draft an Evaluation Report highlighting key differences in the proposals

Assist you in making an informed purchasing decision

Being vendor independent allows us to come into your business, decipher what your needs are (your blueprint) and generate a specification document around those needs (the Request for Proposal).  This process serves as a benchmark for all decisions made in your telecommunications project. Our team is very familiar with several different systems and capabilities. We pride ourselves in helping our clients make purchasing decisions on factors other than price alone.


The cheapest option is not always the best option.  There are other factors that must be taken into consideration and those are not often understood by the end-user until AFTER the new system is in place.  That is not the time to assess if the functionality of the system is going to fit the business model and goals. Not only do we assist clients in making educated decisions we manage the installation to ensure that what was anticipated and promised during the proposal phase is truly what is installed at the end of the day.  Rest easy knowing that the experts of the Jewel Team will do their best to ensure the system your organization brings to production meets your expectations.


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